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It is that day again, the day which starts the week rolling, the one many of us dread as we crack one eyeball open when the 6:30am alarm bells ring. As we roll out of bed we decide collectively what our morning routine might be, maybe it is  coffee,  run, shower, breakfast, get dressed or some variation thereof. As we leave the house to start another fun filled week, we go through the motions of getting in the car finding a good station on Pandora  or talk radio and roll out to work. After finally tackling our way through the droves of other Monday morning drivers out there, we walk into the office greeting our other cohorts along the way. Suzie the morning bird is chipper as ever, Jack is already huddled down in his cubicle working hard, and a few others huddle in the break room ruminating in the last sips of their coffee before the morning rush hits.  You sit down at our desk and power up the work station. First things first, check in on the emails received over the weekend, advertisement, advertisement, inquiry, inquiry and then, then there it is a complimentary note from a customer, congratulating the team on a great job! Success! Day Made! For every step, email, task, cold call you have to make for the rest of the day, that one compliment has put you in a good mood and makes any of the other stuff which could suck the soul out of your Monday, just not so bad. Wow who knew that a few words telling you how great the weekend shift did their job could totally turn your Monday Morning Blues into Motivational Kick Butt Monday! Long story short the next time you have a chance to tell someone they did a good job, take it. Positive words go a long way.