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The first car was invented in 1888, and just twenty years later in 1908 Henry Ford’s Model-T made the automobile affordable for the common man. Over the last century cars have underwent massive face lifts, from the automatization of controls, amenities and in 2010 even the energy source from which they derive power. All of which have boosted the economy by increasing the service radius of companies nationally and aiding in the development of Billion dollar transportation and logistics industry. While the airline industry makes products available internationally, the majority of supply chain logistics still takes place on the ground.

From Truckers carrying heavy loads, to specialized medical couriers and even security enforced armored cars, transportation makes up more than 5 percent of all jobs in the United States. Now imagine if 5 percent of Americans suddenly found themselves without a job. Thanks to recent developments, fully autonomous vehicles, also known as driverless cars, (See Google driverless car), are expected to be commercially available around 2020. So that means your mail men, UPS, Fed Ex, Lowes, Wal-Mart and even your Pizza Delivery man may soon be out of a job? How will these cars be serviced, how many will be on the road at a time, will we be able to have a choice about whether we want to have a driver behind the wheel or a computer? For anyone who has seen the movie Wall-e is this another step towards utopian bliss or an epidemic of technology take over.

Having recently watched Morgan Spurlock’s Inside man, where he explores the vast difference between the to elite 1% and those of the unemployed, will the automization of the automobile cause an even wider gap between the top and the bottom , I would imagine loosing nearly 5% of US jobs in less than a decade would cause a major shift in the middle class. What other occupations can the truck, taxi, courier driver do to help ensure the survival of his family.

To answer this question lets look at the typical day of a Dash Driver:

Tony: Tony checks in to Xcelerator courier management system at 06:00  using is mobile smart phone indicating that he is ready for orders. 

“This indicates that Tony is responsible and eager to work. It also shows that he can master digital communications.”

Tez- The operations manager sees that Tony is ready to work and dispatches a route to Tony, Tony sees the work order and accepts the job within 5 minutes.

“This shows Tony is punctual and reliable.”

07:30 Tony arrives at Dash Warehouse and picks up his first load of the day. It is cargo van work, that will take him through Greensboro into Winston Salem and back. Tony drives a fork lift to load his heavier cargo onto the van.

” This  indicates Tony has keen senses, eye sight and the ability to manipulate machinery to achieve a means to an end.”


08:00 Tony indicates on his smart phone that his load is out for delivery signaling the customer

08:30 Tony unloads at his first stop, and cheerfully secures a POD from the Business manager.

“This indicates that Tony is generally happy with his job and provides human interaction with the customer increasing the business presence.”

09:00-12:00 Tony continues to make stops 2,3,4,5,6,7 in between stop 7 and 8 he gets a signal from Tez that there is a delivery that needs to be picked up near his route its onboard mileage is only 10 miles. Tony pulls up his GPS and finds out that the pick up is 5 miles away, he quickly accepts the job as an add on and delivers the package within only 20 minutes of receiving the order, and then continues on to sotps 8,9 and 10 to finish his route.

“This shows that Tony not only knows how to be responsible for his assigned loads he is also flexible and willing to help out whenever he can.

12:00-12:45 Tony checks in upon completing his route but there are no orders in his direct area, he asks Tez if he should head back to the city center or hang out where he is. Tez advises that he may have something in the area in the next hour. Tony stops at a near by Diner to grab some food, keeping his phone with him in case he gets called in to do another job. While in the Diner Tony meets Gloria the restaurant manager who notices Tony’s shirt says Dash Courier on it, she asks him what he does  as a courier, and Tony tells her about his morning, including his extra stop which turned out to be a food delivery for a morning conference. Gloria is intrigued and asks Tony to pass along her information to his sales team, as she has been exploring the option offering office catering to her business model.

“This is invaluable service that drivers can provide, face to face contact. Tony was a walking billboard with his Dash shirt on and effectively sold a new customer just by being himself.


14:00- Tony gets five orders on him, shipments to the Jail, To the Hospital, two elementary schools and to a local architect. He accepts all five, but at  4:00 when he sees there is a big traffic jam due to rush hour starting he calls into Tex to let him know that he wont be able to deliver the elementary school supplies an the hospitals lab sample before 5:00, Tez makes a decision hold the elementary school supplies until the morning and deliver the sample, it is more time critical. Tony delivers and even comes back to the warehouse to store the elementary school supplies over night, before he picks them up in the morning.

18:00 Tony checks out of Xcelerator ands heads home after a long day at work, in one day he visited 20 different store fronts, interacted with over 30 people and felt satisfaction in knowing he helped the economy running smoothly.

Now will a driverless car rob Tony of his work satisfaction, what other jobs can Tony do. Well, I at least can say that Tony can do a plethora of jobs, for in fact in his single day at work, he worked in the medical field, human resources, logistics, customer service, sales and management. He is after all a DASH COURIER AND LOGISTICS Driver. The problem is however will the economy be able to create new jobs to replace those which are lost when technology takes Tony’s job.


What do you think about the new driverless car?

Is technology really going to take over our lives?

What’s next I-Robot?

All content is written by Courtney Leone Social Media Manager for Dash Courier and Logistics. Information found in this article was found freely using a Google Search engine.