Here it is another day again in the office, bidding on RFP’s, Dispatching, Prospecting, Organizing Logistics for customer shipments. Just a typical day in the expedited delivery business.

 I will be the first to admit before joining a company involved in Logistics, I never gave a second thought about the trucking companies which I share the road with everyday. Now when I pass by I am straining to see the names on the sides of trucks, are they moving FTL or LTL is it a Cargo Van or an employee courier, where are they going, where are they based out of?  How long have they been on the road? What most of us don’t know is that most drivers are behind the wheel anywhere from 10-12 hours a day, not to mention the time that they spend loading and unloading their trucks.

More often than not in the Same Day Delivery Race the shipments these drivers are carrying are time critical, whether its a part to a pharmaceutical plant which is costing a company thousands of dollars an hour in operating costs, to blood transports which can be the difference between life and death of a surgical patient.

These are the behind the scenes things that I am pretty sure no one outside of the supply chain field ever thinks about. But as you are driving home tonight, I dare you to open your eyes and realize the amount of commerce that is sharing the road with you. I promise it will be enlightening and give you an appreciation of how vast our economy really is.